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Shazam BOLT$ Enrollment

What You Need

  1. An active ShazamChek Debit card
  2. A smartphone or other internet connected device
  3. A telephone nearby (for PIN verification)
  4. An email account (to receive alerts)
  5. Your full debit card number
  6. Your card's expiration date
  7. Your PIN

Enrollment Process

  1. After opening the mobile app or visiting the web based interface you must enroll your card by selecting "New Mobile Card User" and entering your full card number.
  2. If your card is eligible you will now be able to continue setting up your profile.
  3. The next screen will display the terms and conditions. After reading through them select "Accept" and click Submit.
  4. Enter your card expiration date and the phone number where you would like the PIN verification call to be made. After clicking Next you will receive a phone call to this number. Follow the voice prompts and enter your four digit PIN followed by the pound (#) key.
  5. After the PIN verification is completed you will be taken to the User Profile page. Fill out the user information needed to create your profile and click next.
  6. The last page is information needed to complete your User Profile.

After Enrollment You Can

  • Add additional cards
  • Receive transaction amount , international transaction, card-not-present transaction, and suspicious transaction alerts
    • Alerts can be setup by visiting the "Card Settings" page.
  • View balance information
  • Change your User Profile information

Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender